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Twelfth Night: Shakespeare (Two on the Aisle review)

"Michael Lanham as Feste, the clown, was fully convincing as a witty hanger-on in an aristocratic household, just like the original Feste.  Lanham wrote a terrific original score

for the production, and if a CD of the music had been available after the show, I would

have bought it!"

(Two On The Aisle - HEC-TV, St. Louis, MO)


In Pursuit of Truth and Beauty: Tom Stoppard's 'Arcadia'

"Michael Lanham plays the fifteen-year-old Coverly son -- in both eras. He gives us an articulate, confidant Augustus (1809). Gus (modern) has been mute since the age of five. This and his terror of loud noises and conflict would seem to place Gus somewhere on the autism spectrum. Lanham does good work with both lads. Moreover (unless my eyes deceived me) it is he who plays the very lovely piano passages -- including some Chopin -- that support the play throughout. Fine work!"

(Steve Callahan KDHX - St.Louis, MO)


Don't Miss it, Don't Even Be Late: State Fair - The Musical

"Michael Lanham as Wayne Frake in Theater in the Park's Production of State Fair."

(Emma Hardy - The State Journal Register, Arts & Entertainment, Springfield Illinois.)



Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson - The Musical

"Michael Lanham as Blackhawk, stoically endured Jackson's betrayal.  

He doubled as Henry Clay, who was aligned against Jackson."

(Two On The Aisle - HEC-TV, St. Louis, MO)


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